Emergency Anti-Virus Disinfecting for Vehicles & Buildings

Immediately wipe and sanitize all horizontal and vertical touch surfaces: desks, chairs, cabinets, tables,equipment, key boards, phones (exclude TVs and Monitors), door knobs/handles, doors, light switches, rails, buttons, kitchen appliances, mounted and free standing dispensers, fitness equipment, sinks, restroom fixtures including toilets, sinks, showers, dispensers up to 6 feet. And don’t forget your vehicles and equipment. We use Spartan, Diversey , Kaivac, and EvaClean products unless directed otherwise. This service is priced by area and building type. Give us a quick call at 801.983.7474 or contact us so we can provide information.

Disinfect with Electrostatic Spray Services Cleaning.

For more Emergency Cleaning info view this pdf file.

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