Stay Safe and Disinfect

  • Our Expertise
    • City Wide excels in disinfecting commercial buildings, offices, logistics, warehouses, distribution & manufacturing operations, vehicles, and more! We provide over 20 building maintenance solutions using our 3 high quality services below!
  • 3 Services For You
    • Our signature Electrostatic Spray Service, as seen on TV, is perfect for places with sensitive equipment, a variety of surface materials, or a high probability of contamination. Click HERE to watch a video of our electrostatic spray!
  • Our High Touch Disinfecting pinpoints where germs are most commonly transferred and completely them with our high quality disinfectant!
  • Click on the links provided above to learn more about our 3 services, and click HERE to read about our disinfectants and emergency response service!
  • Certificate of Completion
    • Following each spray City Wide provide a certificate of completion to show employees, customers, and guests proof that you are looking to keep them safe. Scan the QR code on the certificate for more detailed information about our clean!
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Contact City Wide Facility Solutions by calling (801) 983-7474, or reach us by email at for immediate Salt Lake City response, or fill out a service request HERE for almost anywhere in the country!